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Hemp Flower Labeling Compliance

With a recent regulations changing on hemp production and the explosion in popularity of CBD & hemp products, many companies are scrambling to work out and understand how to legally sell & buy cbd flower online, by ensuring their labeling is compliant all across the globe.

With every country having different food production, and consumption standards and regulations, different laws and even different laws for different states in the USA, labeling compliance is a mine field to navigate right now.

Some companies label as they would supplements, some follow state regulations, while some follow cannabis labeling regulations from other states and countries.
We’ve been lucky enough to work with companies like Absolute Nature in bringing their products to market with compliant labeling as pr the FDA and state regulations.

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Compliant to upcoming FIR and BRC regulations

New regulations for food labels are being updated on a regular basis. Nutritional Information Services focus on always being in compliance with these regulations.

For British and EU producers, the current food label regulations are described in the Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIR),

For British companies, the details of the traffic light labeling system is explained in the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

New UK front of pack labeling standard

New UK front of pack labeling standard

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Learn about Compliant Nutrition Labeling

If you’re looking to create your own nutritional labels here’s a brief overview of what you need to cover.

Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 covers all food information made available to the final consumer by means of a nutrition label, other accompanying material or other means including modern technology tools or verbal communication e.g. websites, advertising, promotions.

The Regulation came into effect on 13th December 2011. It will apply from 13th December 2014, with the exception of mandatory nutrition declaration which will apply from 13th December 2016.

List of mandatory requirements

  • Name of the food*
  • List of ingredients
  • Allergens
  • Quantity of certain ingredients
  • Net quantity*
  • Date of minimum durability
  • Special storage conditions and/or conditions of use
  • Name and address of seller in the EU
  • Country of origin or place of provenance where provided for in Article 26
  • Instructions for use where necessary
  • Alcoholic strength*
  • Nutrition declaration

All mandatory information above needs to meet the requirements for font size and must be given priority over voluntary information.

  • “x height” of 1.2mm (Times New Roman, 8 font).
  • Exemption for smaller packs where largest surface area < 80cm2 “X height” of 0.9mm (Times New Roman, 6 font).

How should the 14 allergenic ingredients be presented on prepackaged food

When listing the allergenic ingredients on a food product label they must be listed in bold or highlighted.

Voluntary Nutritional Label Information

You can choose to use front of pack nutritional labeling in addition to the mandatory information. This can be in one of two formats, Energy value only or Energy, Fat, Saturates,
Sugar, Salt. Reference Intake of an average adult must be displayed also.

Traffic Light Label Colours:

Only the lozenges containing the information on fat, saturates, sugars and salt will be coloured.
The colours used should be vibrant. The use of pastel colours should be avoided.
The colours and process used to colour the lozenges will depend on the type of packaging material and other colours used on pack.
When establishing the colours to be used, strong consideration must be given to the clarity and legibility of the information given. This will be determined by good contrast between the colours and the text.
The shade, tone and intensity of the colours (Pantone or CMYK) that companies should aim to produce through their colour processes are:

Green: PMS 375, or C: 48% M: 0% Y: 94% K: 0%
Amber: PMS 143, or C: 0% M: 36% Y: 87% K: 0%
Red: Red 032, or C: 0% M: 90% Y: 86% K: 0%

A block of colour will be included in the lozenge. At least one third of the lozenge should be coloured.
It is not acceptable to just use colour to surround the lozenge or to only colour the words or numbers.


Location on pack

The information will always be provided in the principal field of vision, as required by EU FIC. The Regulation defines ‘principal field of vision’ as: the field of vision of a package which is most likely to be seen at first glance by the consumer at the time of purchase and that enables the consumer to immediately identify a product in terms of its character or nature and, if applicable, its brand name. If a package has several identical principal fields of vision, the principal field of vision is the one chosen by the food business operator.

Useful Resources

Technical Guidance On Nutritional Labeling – Read More Here

Front of Pack Nutritional Labeling Guidance – Read More Here

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New UK EU front of pack labelling standards

The UK government has finally released details on the consistent all encompassing front-of-pack nutrition label designs.

The new label is seemingly a hybrid of the traffic lights system and the GDA calculations but with the added information of number of servings and energy in kilojoules (kJ) also included.

All the major supermarkets and many of the major manufacturers have already signed up the new system.

New UK front of pack labelling standard

New UK front of pack labelling standard

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Allergy and Intolerance Guidance for Businesses

The UK Foods standards agency has released a guidance document to help business make sense of the new regulations:

New allergy labelling legislation

On 13 December 2014, new legislation (the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011) came into force which requires food businesses to provide allergy information on food sold unpackaged, in for example catering outlets, deli counters, bakeries and sandwich bars. Guidance has been developed to help businesses meet these new requirements and this page will continue to be updated as more support tools are made available. More information about the new European legislation can be found on the European Commission website at the link provided.

Find our more on the Foods Standards Agency website

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I'm happy to report my experience was not only seamless, my nutrition report and images were also delivered early. If your stuck for help and/or don't know where to start this service will do you no wrong. All in all a pleasurable experience all round.

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As an artisan producer nutritional labeling costs can be prohibitively expensive so when I found NIS I was extremely pleased. In a week I had 6 product recipes analysed and the reports & images delivered via email in helpful formats for a very sensible price indeed. Now when my products hit the shelves they will

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