What information do we need from you?

In order to calculate nutritional values correctly we require a full list of ingredients and their pre cooked gross weights, the final batch net weight and the weight of any product you throw away during the cooking process. The pack size and serving size.

We have a form for you to complete once your order is successful.

If you have any questions please contact us.

How accurate are the reports?

The report we provide will be accurate based on the information you provide us. There can be some variations with food composition data but DEFRA & Trading Standards accept that data from McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods can legally be used for producing nutrition values & labels.

Is my recipe safe?

YES – We never share any information about any of our customers or their recipes. Ever! We have a confidentiality agreement that we are happy to sign prior to receiving any recipes.

Can I use this service?

Any food product producer can use this service but our primary focus is small to medium food producers. Lab testing is not a service we provide directly.

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What happens if you can't calculate my products values?

In some instances we may not be able to complete the analysis, if this happens we will either refund your order and refer you to a lab or we can organise lab testing for you. All lab tests incur various costs and require further discussion prior to proceeding.

Can you provide full reports on all nutrients, vitamins and other values?

YES – For an additional fee we can provide a full list of values. Around 56 values. Including mono-unsaturates and poly-unsaturates, Ash, Cholesterol, Starch, Lycopene, Lutein Zeaxanthin & Water.

This service is an additional £9.99 per recipe.

Contact us for more information.

Can you provide allergen information.

All our services include allergens to be highlighted on all labels and recipe reports. This is based on us being provided the correct recipe information to calculate the report correctly.

Is this service suitable for ORGANIC products?

In the McCance and Widdowson dataset there is no comparison or difference between organic and non organic ingredients.

Can I use the label images directly on my product?

YES – The images we provide are in .PNG format (We can provide .JPG or .PDF by request) and therefore resize and render to very high resolutions. These can be scales down very easily without distortion ensuring clear compliant labels.

How much does your service cost?

Our service is over 5 times cheaper than lab testing and we even include all images too! Saving you hours of work or additional costs for designers to create your compliant images.

Our service has a flat rate of £24.99 per recipe.

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Great Service & On Time

I'm happy to report my experience was not only seamless, my nutrition report and images were also delivered early. If your stuck for help and/or don't know where to start this service will do you no wrong. All in all a pleasurable experience all round.

Mr. D Wright Director - Country Spice Foods 12th February 2016

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Report & Images Review

As an artisan producer nutritional labeling costs can be prohibitively expensive so when I found NIS I was extremely pleased. In a week I had 6 product recipes analysed and the reports & images delivered via email in helpful formats for a very sensible price indeed. Now when my products hit the shelves they will

Melanie Amos & Tom's Gourmet Popcorn 4th May 2016

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Fast & Professional Service

Who could ask for more. Full nutritional information and images included. At such an amazing price too!

Norfolk Chilli Farm Owner - The Norfolk Chilli Farm 10th February 2016